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SUMEC Phono showcases cutting-edge low-carbon technology at ZeroEmission Mediterranean



SUMEC Phono, a renowned player in the renewable energy sector of Sinomach, made a significant breakthrough at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean event held in Italy. The company unveiled its latest advancements in low-carbon technology and renewable energy solutions, which feature two ground-breaking modules — the N-type HJT module and the N-type TOPCon module.

ZeroEmission Mediterranean, a prominent global event that spotlights production technology and innovative solutions in the new energy arena, provided an exceptional platform for SUMEC Phono to exhibit its noteworthy achievements. The event fostered the exchange of ideas and collaborations aimed at promoting sustainable development and addressing the pressing issue of climate change.
The star of the show was undoubtedly the N-type HJT module, which drew considerable attention from participants and industry experts alike. This cutting-edge module boasts advanced Half Cell technology, which optimizes energy generation by minimizing loss due to internal resistance. With improved efficiency and stability, the N-type HJT module showcases SUMEC Phono's commitment to producing efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.
Moreover, the N-type TOPCon module, also showcased at the event, demonstrates SUMEC Phono's continued dedication to developing groundbreaking technology in renewable energy. The TOPCon technology enables the module to achieve industry-leading conversion efficiency.
The presence of SUMEC Phono at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean underscored its commitment to innovation and sustainability. By pushing the boundaries of low-carbon technology, the company is actively contributing to the global effort towards a greener future.