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SUMEC Energy wins AQM Award 2022



The All Quality Matters Solar Congress 2022, which was hosted by TÜV Rheinland, a global leader in independent inspection services, was held on Sept 2. A ceremony was also organized to honor the winners of "All Quality Matters (AQM)" awards during the event.

SUMEC Electricity Operation Co Ltd, an affiliate of Sinomach subsidiary SUMEC Energy, was awarded the PV Power Plant O&M (operation and maintenance) Contractor AQM Award 2022. It is the third year that SUMEC Energy has won the award, making it a front-runner in this sector in China.

The annual event focuses on the photovoltaic revolution in China in the context of the global economy, and promotes the flourishing development of the photovoltaic industry through sharing of industry experts, forums, and best cases. The AQM Awards have become the highest competition for PV modules and power plants, inverters, components and energy storage systems.

The award certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland for the outstanding operation and maintenance services provided by SUMEC Energy [Photo/SUMEC]

SUMEC Energy has undertaken O&M service for 334 solar projects with their combined operational capacity reaching up to 2.2 gigawatts, including mountain solar plants, tidal-flat solar plants, and distributed solar systems. They are expected to annually supply 2.64 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.89 million tons.

SUMEC Energy tailors digitally driven comprehensive energy solutions for consumers. [Photo/SUMEC]

In the context of global carbon neutrality, the solar industry has made outstanding contributions to economic and social development and green transformation. As one of the strategic emerging industries, its development is important for adjusting energy structure, and promoting the energy production and consumption revolution as well as the construction of ecological civilization. A variety of factors that have arisen in recent years have created much volatility and turbulence in photovoltaic markets in China and around the world, with product quality subject to increasingly higher standards. This has been followed by stricter market access thresholds and fiercer competition.

The Chinese solar industry has seen sharp subsidy deductions in recent years as it faces fiercely growing competition in upstream business and more players shift their focus to downstream businesses such as operation and maintenance.

SUMEC Energy responds quickly to market changes and sticks to the route of high-quality development, and has been qualified to provide tailored service on power plant performance optimization and post-evaluation. It is committed to becoming a leading clean energy asset operation service provider.

SUMEC Energy strives to provide customers with one-stop energy solutions including supply, management, conservation and storage, and to transform the latest scientific and technological achievements into high-end intelligent development and manufacturing of photovoltaic modules, including their design. It also continues to provide operation and financial solutions for photovoltaic power stations.

As the global leading technology and service provider, TÜV Rheinland has hosted the congress for seven years, joining hands with many authoritative domestic and global experts to offer advice and strategies for the industry's development.