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Siem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project completed, providing safe drinking water to locals



The Siem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project has been completed, providing safe and high-quality drinking water to local people in Cambodia. This marks the first overseas water treatment project of Sinomach subsidiary SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC).

The completion ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Tea Banh, who praised the project for alleviating the pressure on the local water supply and contributing to sustainable development.

The project will increase the daily water supply by 60,000 cubic meters and provide safe drinking water to the community. This is a significant step in addressing the lack of access to safe drinking water in Cambodia, a problem that has affected its people for decades.

The expansion project is a result of the partnership between Sinonach SUMEC, a leading China-based company in energy and infrastructure, and the Cambodian government. The project is part of the government's efforts to improve the country's water infrastructure and ensure access to safe drinking water for its citizens.

Sinonach SUMEC has shown its commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection by implementing advanced technology and equipment in the project. The company's success in completing the Siem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project is a milestone in its expansion into international markets.

The completion of the project is expected to improve the quality of life for the people in Siem Reap and contribute to Cambodia's economic development.