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Sinomach's infrastructure projects develop with BRI


China has become one of the most important contributors to developing countries' economic growth and development. China and its partners have jointly managed to facilitate numerous practical and action-based policies and projects on continents such as South America and Africa that will undoubtedly gain further momentum under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

SUMEC fuels mining project in Africa

Sinomach has undertaken a project to provide an African mining company with FIRMAN mine spec container diesel generators capable of producing 10.8 megawatts of power for the company's mine projects in southern Africa.

The aerial view of the mining project site in southern Africa. [Photo/SUMEC]

Given that mining projects often face harsh natural conditions, generators should be able to work well in an isolated power grid for a long time, which requires high stability and simple operation.

FIRMAN is a world-class manufacturer of portable generators under Sinomach subsidiary SUMEC Group Corporation. SUMEC tailored an energy saving solution for the project that realizes a parallel benefit by showing the diesel generators in operation.

As an experienced player in the backup power supply field, SUMEC has provided more than 150 FIRMAN mine spec container diesel generators in the mining areas of southern Africa, with a total operating power up to 270 megawatts.

CMEC upgrades drinking water and wastewater systems in Peru

Work recently began on a project to upgrade the drinking water and wastewater systems in Incahuasi, Peru. The project, undertaken by Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), focuses on renovation of the drinking water and wastewater facilities in the Comas, one of the poorest districts in Lima. Once it is operational, local people will have access to better drinking water and wastewater treatment services, and their living standards will be greatly improved.

An excavator works on the site of the drinking water and wastewater system transformation and upgrading project. [Photo/CMEC]

The first reservoir RAP-03, with a design volume of 300 cubic meters, is now under construction.