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CMEC conquers a difficult power transmission project in Laos



Team members of the phase II power transmission project of Laos 230kV Wujiang Hydropower Station pose for a group photo after its completion. [Photo/]

The phase II power transmission project of the Laos 230kV Wujiang Hydropower Station undertaken by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, recently received the Taking Over Certificate (TOC) from the owner, seven months ahead of schedule.

Located in northern Laos, the project spans three provinces and includes three power transmission lines of 230kV and one of 115kV along with three substations. It is an important part of the regional power grid in the area.

The lines span the rugged mountains and virgin forests in northern Laos. Due to the awful weather and inhospitable terrain, as well as the unexpected blow of the fast-spreading novel coronavirus pandemic, the project was confronted with a lack of materials and personnel at its construction peak.

Withstanding the pressure, members of the CMEC Laos representative office and the project team worked together to overcome difficulties and immediately organized work resumption after the local epidemic turned for the better, beating the clock to ensure the project’s progress.

The project passed acceptance at the end of July and was highly recognized by the owner. Its operation has guaranteed a stable power supply in the northern part of Laos and brings great convenience to the production and daily life of the local people.

CMEC’s strengths in execution and management as well as its pursuit of high quality were highlighted in the project and have been fully recognized by the Lao government and the owners. The project is now a business card of CMEC in the local market.