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Sinomach reinforces electricity supply on BRI


The Belt and Road Initiative is meeting "tremendous needs" for infrastructure in many countries and regions in the world. A large number of State-owned enterprises in infrastructure, power supply and energy sectors including Sinomach have been rushing to speed up the construction pace of their major projects and invest in key areas such as public service facilities, power grid networks and innovation programs while developing overseas markets.

CMEC adds transformers to Nigeria's emergency power project

Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) has signed another general contract with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to undertake the supply of transformers and combined-cycle plants to the Maiduguri Emergency Power Project. The two sides had reached a cooperation agreement on the Maiduguri project in 2021.

Electrical equipment is being shipped to Nigeria for the emergency power station construction. [Photo/CMEC]

The recent project is an extension of the ongoing single-cycle plant construction of the emergency power station undertaken by CMEC in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.

The Maiduguri Emergency Power Project marks a significant step towards redeeming the pledge by the NNPC to intervene in the perennial electric power supply challenge in the region. It is an integral part of ongoing efforts to deepen the NNPC's domestic gas utilization plan for the nation's socio-economic growth.

Based on its strengths in localized project management, CMEC will further explore all-round and multi-field cooperation with NNPC and contribute to power construction in Nigeria.

CHMC signs another procurement project with Kyrgyzstan power company

Sinomach subsidiary China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC) has reached a second period of cooperation with Kyrgyzstan State Grid Corporation on the supply of 220KV/250MVA auto-transformers and 500KV electric reactors.

The project, which is Kyrgyzstan's key power renovation project in 2022, helps to solve the problem of insufficient power supply in the capital Bishkek. The second signing of the contract enables CHMC to further deepen cooperation with Kyrgyzstan State Grid Corporation.