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Sinomach AE wins three international design awards for eco-friendly project



The zero-carbon park built for the 3-in-1 electric drive energy storage project plant with 840,000 sets of power battery packs, launched by Quzhou Jidian Electric Vehicle Technology Co Ltd, has been honored with the Silver Awards at the 2023 Global Future Design Awards, MUSE Design Awards, and World Design Awards, marking a significant achievement in international design recognition.

Global Future Design Awards

MUSE Design Awards

World Design Awards

The park was designed by Sinomach subsidiary Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE). Covering an area of 89,000 square meters with a building area of 73,000 square meters, it is a comprehensive building complex integrating office, conference, exhibition, dining and staff activities.

Emphasizing the harmonious integration of people, architecture, and the environment, the project aims to create a green and eco-friendly office and living environment. Adhering to the principles of zero-carbon construction, the design focuses on reducing energy consumption through thoughtful spatial design, material selection, and the incorporation of sustainable energy sources. This approach fosters efficient, clean, and low-carbon manufacturing, promoting industrial civilization's harmonious coexistence with ecological civilization. The project's ultimate goal is to achieve a mutually beneficial balance between economic, social, and ecological benefits and to support sustainable development.

The project's recognition with the three international design awards underscores its global impact and innovative approach to sustainable and environmentally conscious architectural design.