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Tashkent's smart stadium: A high-tech marvel for 2025 Asian Games


In a testament to the enduring historical ties between China and Uzbekistan, the ancient city of Tashkent is set to reclaim its significance on the global stage with the unveiling of the Olympic City. Spearheaded by Sinomach subsidiary China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd (CAMEC), this state-of-the-art complex seamlessly blends the scientific and cultural designs of both nations, symbolizing a harmonious union of tradition and innovation.

Literally translating to "stone city", Tashkent, once a pivotal point on the ancient Silk Road in the early sixth century, now embraces a new era as it reconnects with China through the Olympic City. This ambitious project is not just a physical marvel but also a technological powerhouse featuring cutting-edge 5G technologies that promise to redefine the landscape of sports entertainment.

At the heart of this architectural marvel lies a smart stadium poised to host the prestigious 2025 Asian Games. Comprising five main stadiums, an office building, and 15 outdoor fields, the Olympic City stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of both nations.

The journey to completion was not without its challenges. The dedicated construction team faced obstacles such as scorching weather and power shortages. However, their unwavering commitment ensured that the project remained on schedule and now promises a timely delivery of the Olympic City and its world-class facilities.

As the global spotlight turns towards Tashkent, anticipation builds for the 2025 Asian Games, where athletes and spectators alike will witness the seamless convergence of ancient history and futuristic innovation in this remarkable smart stadium.