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Sinomach showcases innovative achievements at the 20th China-ASEAN Expo


Sinomach, a leading Chinese state-owned machinery and engineering company, made a significant impact at the 20th China-ASEAN Expo, highlighting its cutting-edge advancements in heavy machinery, textile industry, and engineering contracting. The event served as a prominent platform for trade and investment cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.
Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the highly anticipated annual expo. He delivered a speech during the entrepreneur meeting in which he emphasized the company's commitment to fostering trade partnerships and promoting economic development among these nations.
Sinomach, a leading Chinese state-owned machinery and engineering company, made a significant impact at the 20th China-ASEAN Expo. [Photo/Sinomach]
Sinomach's active participation at the expo was amplified by the presence of its subsidiary companies, Sinomach-HE and CAMCE. Utilizing various engaging mediums including videos and virtual reality devices, the company showcased its latest achievements, creating an immersive and informative experience for expo attendees.
The cutting-edge heavy machinery showcased by Sinomach demonstrated the company's commitment to advanced manufacturing and technological innovation. The display highlighted the latest in construction and mining equipment, presenting the high-quality, reliable, and efficient machinery the company is renowned for.
Simultaneously, the exposition also allowed Sinomach to underscore its contributions to the textile industry. With a focus on the future of sustainable fashion, Sinomach showcased environmentally friendly textile machinery and production solutions, reflecting its dedication to achieving a greener and more sustainable future for the industry.
Sinomach's engineering contracting division was also represented at the expo, highlighting the company's strength in infrastructure development across various sectors. With an impressive portfolio of completed projects, Sinomach showcased its expertise in transportation, power, and industrial engineering, further emphasizing its commitment to supporting economic growth and development.
The China-ASEAN Expo has proven to be an optimal platform for Sinomach to engage with regional partners and reinforce trade ties between China and ASEAN countries. The company's active participation reaffirms its position as a leading player in the machinery and engineering industries, and demonstrates its determination to continue fostering cooperation and expanding its global reach.