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Sinomach secures impressive rankings in 2023 ENR Ranking



Sinomach has achieved remarkable positions in the prestigious 2023 Engineering News-Record (ENR) Ranking, solidifying its global footprint and highlighting its strong business capabilities.

Having secured the 33rd position among the top 250 international contractors and an impressive 64th place among the top 225 international design firms, Sinomach's outstanding presence in the ENR Ranking reaffirms its robust strength and capacity to expand its global operations.

The ENR Ranking holds immense significance in the worldwide engineering industry, making Sinomach's achievement a testament to its exceptional performance and influence within the sector. By achieving high rankings in both contracting and design, the company has showcased its multifaceted expertise in delivering world-class engineering solutions.

Sinomach's ability to clinch such prestigious spots in the ENR Ranking further reinforces its commitment to growth and competitiveness on a global scale. With its proven track record of delivering high-quality projects around the world, the company continues to earn recognition and build a reputation as a leading player in the industry.

This commendable achievement is a result of Sinomach's unwavering dedication to innovation, efficiency, and sustainable practices, which has propelled its success in an increasingly competitive global market. Going forward, Sinomach aims to reinforce its position as a key player in the global engineering and construction industry by continuously exceeding client expectations and adapting to ever-evolving market demands.

With its impressive ranking in the 2023 ENR Ranking, Sinomach solidifies its standing as a trusted partner for global engineering solutions. It will continue to provide clients with cutting-edge services and to reinforce its commitment to excellence.