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YTO eyes a bigger footprint in overseas markets



Sinomach subsidiary YTO Group Corporation (YTO) has ramped up its efforts to develop self-owned brands, increase investment in localized research and development and roll out applicable products for different overseas markets.

The YTO-ESG504G series of orchard tractors tailored for Tunisia has been well-received in the local market. The first 12 tractors were sold out immediately after they went on sale.

There is a high demand for agricultural machinery products in Tunisia. The YTO-ESG504G orchard tractor was launched to further explore the local market after thorough market analysis and comparison to competitive products.

The YTO-ESG504G tractor, which features a compact structure and a short turning radius and is more convenient for operators to monitor and control, is particularly suitable for orchards and greenhouses and other tight spaces. It will greatly help users in Tunisia to cultivate and harvest crops such as olives, barley and wheat.

Meanwhile, thirty-seven tractors produced by YTO have been sent to Chile from Luoyang, Central China's Henan province. So far this year, YTO orders in Latin America have continued to grow. This is the seventh batch of YTO products recently delivered to Latin American countries.

YTO actively communicates with customers and freight forwarders to solve problems such as long transportation distances and shipping times, large transportation risks and high shipping costs, and to provide reasonable shipping suggestions.