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First YTO’s tractors enter Pakistani market



YTO Tractors [Photo/]

YTO Group Co (YTO), a subsidiary of Sinomach, achieved bulk sales in Pakistan for the first time in 2020. The company has exported two lots of 60 and 80 horsepower (HP) tractors to the Pakistani market.

It is not easy to get the tractors developed by YTO into the Pakistani market. There are independent tractor manufacturers in Pakistan, which mainly produce 30 to 85 HP products at a lower price than YTO’s. Moreover, not many local farmers can afford foreign products.

YTO planned to explore the Pakistani market in 2019. Due to various factors, the company’s market development was difficult and it only completed scant sales with the help of local partners. At the end of 2019, YTO found a competent local enterprise to be its dealer. The enterprise is headquartered in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, and has an independent secondary distribution network, which will lay a solid foundation for the promotion of YTO products.

YTO worked with its affiliated companies to re-develop its original products and improve their adaptability after the first order was signed in early March in a bid to meet the requirements of Pakistani consumers. In the production process, the company kept in touch with Pakistani owners and reported work progress to them in a timely manner. The consumers were impressed with YTO’s efficiency in spite of the grave pandemic, and they soon decided to place a bigger order in April.

YTO’s tractors were shipped to Pakistan in May and June after all-sided assembling and debugging.