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Handan Hongda produces China’s first Lyocell fiber spinning machine



H1/HD3300 Lyocell fiber spinning machines developed by Handan Hongda Chemical Fiber Machinery [Photo/]

Handan Hongda Chemical Fiber Machinery Co, a subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC) affiliated to Sinomach, has smoothly delivered its self-developed H1/HD3300 Lyocell fiber spinning machines to Shandong Jinyingli New Materials Co. Subordinate to Shandong Yingli Industrial Co, its Lyocell fiber products are well-known in China and elsewhere.

As China's first Lyocell fiber spinning machine, it has been of great interest to customers since it was launched. It has injected new momentum into the company and also filled in the blank of domestically produced spinning machines of its kind.

H1/HD3300, a spinning machine for Lyocell fiber production, enjoys good marketing prospects because it creates no pollution in production. Lyocell is a brand new textile clothing fabric, which has the advantages of natural fiber cotton and also green virtues not found in traditional viscose.

Since August 2018, Handan Hongda has been developing products for Lyocell fiber spinning. The spinning machine marks the company's big step forward in developing environmentally-friendly equipment to follow its seaweed fiber equipment.

The company has concentrated on a series of high-precision products and striven to prepare new products to meet market needs, seeking better development in intelligence, automation and serialization. In response to the nation's call, it has stepped up the development of pollution-free products with advanced production technologies.

The supporting equipment production line also added fully automated baling machines newly trial-produced by the company.