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Machinery Components


Sinomach has developed various bearings, spindles and units; sealing elements; functional components; abrasives; and engineering materials for machining, wind power, robot and vehicle domains. The company's special aerospace bearing products have contributed greatly to major aerospace engineering projects in China, such as the Shenzhou VII, Shenzhou VII and Tiangong-I.

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Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co Ltd

Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute

YTO Group Corporation

China Sinomach Heavy Industry Corporation Ltd

  • Production Base of Precision Bearings, Clutches, Bearings and Components

  • Transmission for Wind Turbines

  • Lubrication Products

  • Aeronautical Bearings for Shengzhou-8 Unmanned Spacecraft and Tiangong Target Aircraft

  • Bearings for High-Speed Railway and Subway