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Heavy Duty Castings and Forgings


The largest casting and manufacturing base in China, Sinomach possesses large modern equipment and facilities for smelting, casting, forging, heat treatment and machining, along with complete testing methods and sound quality assurance systems. The company is capable of producing various high-quality castings and forgings that meet national and international standards. It has provided sets of castings and forgings for national hydropower stations including the Gezhou Dam, the Three Gorges Dam, the Ertan Hydropower Station and the Longyangxia Hydropower Station.

Castings and forgings for power stations

Marine castings and forgings


Driving medium

Aviation stamp forgings

  • Three Gorges Shiplift Rack

  • A Hydraulic Turbine Runner Hub Consisting of an Upper Crown, Band and Complete Set of Blades for the 700 MW Unit of the Three Gorges Dam Project

  • 1,000 MW Ultra-Supercritical Generator Rotors

  • Oversized Titanium Alloy Forgings Used for Aviation

  • 660 MW Generator Rotors

  • Main Shaft for 645 KW-2.5 MW Wind Power Generators

  • 5M Back-Up Roller for a Rolling Mill

  • Intermediate Shaft for Ships