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Sinomach subsidiary builds first automatic stereoscopic warehouse in Sumatra



The construction of a fully-automatic stereoscopic warehouse that can withstand temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius ended on August 12 in Medan, the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of North Sumatra. Undertaken by Sinomach affiliate Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co Ltd (BMHRI), it is also the first fully-automatic stereoscopic warehouse in Sumatra.

The People's Daily Online, among the world's top 500 media outlets and one of the most influential media outlets in China, reported on the landmark project, hailing the development of the leading Chinese enterprise Sinomach in overseas markets.

The four-axis robot palletizer, developed by BMHRI, can include more than 60 products. [Photo/BMHRI]

The project, located in the new plant of Singapore-headquartered Aice Group Holdings in Sumatra, covers an area of more than 13,000 square meters, and includes the transportation and storage system of the ultra-low temperature automatic warehouse and the facilities and storage system of the normal temperature warehouse.

Aice, a Singaporean ice cream brand, is popular in Indonesia due to its affordability, and the company has opened Southeast Asia's largest ice cream production facility in the country.

The project, which started construction in late February, has completed its installation and debugging and entered trial operations, with all the operation parameters meeting the design requirements.