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Sinomach injects sci-tech impetus into Beijing 2022


After years of preparation, China is presenting a splendid streamlined and safe Olympic Games to the world as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games opens on Feb 4.

Undertaking national major sci-tech project for the Beijing Winter Olympics

Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Co Ltd (HGMRI), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has obtained more than 3,000 scientific and technological achievements, which have been widely used in national economic construction and brought outstanding economic and social benefits.

HGMRI is responsible for research on key performance parameters technology and standards of snow and ice facilities for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

It cracks the technical bottlenecks of the key factors in testing of products such as snow and ice makers and the evaluation of designs for the environment, helping to ensure the green and smooth operation of the Games facilities.

A snow maker works in a ski resort. [Photo/HGMRI]

As of now, two results of the research project -- the detection technology of direct cooling ice-making units and the evaluation technology of green products -- have been applied in the construction of the National Speed Skating Oval. The advances help keep the deviation of ice surface temperature within 0.5 C, and provide a theoretical basis for the selection of the refrigerant of the oval's ice makers.

Developing emergency power supply trucks for the Beijing Winter Olympics

Sinomach subsidiary Lanzhou Power Station & Vehicle Institute Co Ltd is a front-runner in the internal combustion power plant and modified military vehicle sectors, and is committed to promoting China's national defense and infrastructure development.

The power company has been tasked with the development and production of truck-mounted power plants for emergency use at the upcoming Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

The emergency high-power output vehicles, developed by Lanzhou Power Station & Vehicle Institute Co Ltd, can light an event venue for more than six hours. [Photo/SINOMAST]

The power supply for major sports events has high requirements in terms of product stability and reliability as well as the environmental index. The newly produced vehicles are equipped with 1000-kilowatt high-power diesel generators, mobile lighting devices, long-distance power transmission cables, and ultra-large capacity fuel tanks. The high-power output vehicles, which meet the highest national-level environmental requirements, can light an event venue for more than six hours.

An after-sales support team has also been set up to secure on-site operation training and performance inspection. The vehicles have been tested and are ready to go, according to the Games work team.