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More efforts in BRI cooperation to bolster growth


Projects carried out under the Belt and Road Initiative have greatly benefited the participating countries by helping them withstand the COVID-19's impact. The China-proposed BRI has become one of the biggest international cooperation programs, boosting the fortunes of many countries, and it has great potential for further development.

China has signed more than 200 BRI cooperation agreements with 149 countries and 32 international organizations since 2013, when the initiative was proposed, according to China's National Development and Reform Commission.

Among them, many cooperative projects were inked by Sinomach, a dedicated participant in high-quality BRI construction. The company has always given full play to its strengths in infrastructure development such as housing, water and power supply, and waste water treatment, and the countries involved have gained a boost in these sectors through the public-benefit projects.

CMEC to upgrade potable water and wastewater treatment systems in Peru

Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), in cooperation with a Peruvian water company, has signed a contract with the Potable Water and Sewerage Service of Lima for a renovation project of potable water and wastewater treatment systems in the Incahuasi and Pampas regions of the capital.

Representatives of project participants sign the cooperation agreement on upgrading the potable water and wastewater treatment systems in Lima, capital of Peru. [Photo/CMEC]

The project, which has been included in the two-year investment plan of the engineering authority of Lima, will provide local residents with better drinking water and wastewater treatment services.

SINOCONST builds maize milling plants for Zambia

The construction of three maize milling plants in Zambia has come to an end, and an official handover ceremony is scheduled for late April. The project was contracted to China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc (SINOCONST), an affiliate of Sinomach, and has gained high approval from the Zambian side.

Interior of a maize milling plant built by SINOCONST in Zambia [Photo/SINOCONST]

The project includes two maize milling plants with a daily capacity of 240 tons and a demonstration plant that has already yielded 40 tons of maize flour in the agricultural demonstration center in Lusaka, the capital.

As a modern maize milling plant, it is not only expected to supply 150,000 tons of maize flour and by-products every year, but also to provide various types of production and auxiliary equipment, which will help boost employment in the area and the agricultural development of Zambia.

Newly built aerated filters for a Cameroon water plant well tested

SINOCONST has participated in the construction of the V-type filter of a water plant in Cameroon, which is the core of the waterworks project. The filter was accepted by the client after an aeration test. The plant will now enter the critical period of joint commissioning of the water purification process.

Workers inspect the V-type aerated filter in the Cameroon water plant. [Photo/SINOCONST]