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BRI projects accelerate infrastructure development in Turkmenistan, Bangladesh


Projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), built by the overseas teams of Sinomach, have provided tremendous benefits to the economic and social development of countries involved.

More BRI projects are also expected to task Sinomach, a leading builder of China's mechanical industry.

Proposed in 2013, the BRI aims to build trade and infrastructure networks connecting Asia with Europe and Africa, on and beyond the ancient Silk Road routes.

CAMCE ready to help build largest water plant in Bangladesh

Four team members of the Bangladesh DESWSP Water Pipeline Project, undertaken by CAMCE, pose for a group photo. [Photo/CAMCE]

China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd (CAMCE), an affiliate of Sinomach, recently received full prepayment for the DESWSP water pipeline project in Bangladesh, which signifies the project's commercial contract officially taking effect.

The project is the main water purification and transmission pipeline associated with the Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. Including its ancillary pipeline works, the water plant is a key part of the government's commitment to building a "Golden Bangladesh". It is expected to be the largest water plant project in Bangladesh.

Upon completion, the project will improve the capacity of the local water supply system and alleviate water supply shortages, significantly protecting groundwater resources and the ecological balance.

CAMCE has also worked with the Suez Group, a worldwide leader in water and waste management, to build the water plant stations.

CNEEC exports laptops to Turkmenistan

Workers load notebook computers produced by CNEEC onto an air freighter bound for Turkmenistan. [Photo/CNEEC]

The Turkmenistan notebook computer export trade project, undertaken by Sinomach subsidiary China National Electric Engineering Co Ltd (CNEEC), recently airlifted 160,000 computers to Turkmenistan, as one of the country's public well-being projects. These customized computers will be given to local children as gifts for the new semester

The project showcases the friendship between China and Turkmenistan, and has made clear the efficiency and strengths of CNEEC.