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Sinomach on China Brand Day 2021 at a glance


China Brand Day 2021, an annual activity to display and enhance the image of China’s indigenous brands, was held on May 10 to 12 in Shanghai. Sinomach brought its new products to the event’s highlight, the Expo on China Indigenous Brands, and roundly demonstrated its leading role in the machinery industry.

Themed on “Focusing on Dual Circulation, Leading New Consumption”, this year’s event heightened efforts to share the achievements of China’s indigenous brand development and expand the brands’ popularity and influence.

Let's explore how Sinomach shined at Expo on China Indigenous Brands!

“Dongfanghong” series tractor

  • Self-developed by Sinomach subsidiary YTO
  • High-powered wheeled tractor
  • Tire's contact patch increased by 25 percent
  • Average productivity increased by 30 percent


“Mt Qomolangma” type gravimeter

  • Equipment for 2020 Mt Qomolangma Geodetic Survey
  • Used in first gravity survey on the peak of Mt Qomolangma
  • Independently developed for the extreme environment on the peak of Mt Qomolangma


Model of automobile assembly line

Landmark domestic automotive engineering project of Sinomach