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Sumec seeks win-win cooperation in its global expansion


In 2024, Sumec Group, a subsidiary of Sinomach, has closely followed the demands of international market, taken firm actions to go abroad, proactively grasped new opportunities attended large-scale exhibition events in other countries and regions, and continuously consolidated its network of trading partners.

At the 2024 National Hardware Show in the United States, Sumec brought with it a set of outdoor gardening-power tools, showcased its commitment to the green development and clean energy, and introduced the Yard Force brand. Highlighting such innovative products as the 42-inch zero-turn energy storage integrated lawn mower, the 2,400W portable mobile energy storage unit, and the boundary-free robotic mower, Sumec aimed to provide its customers with comprehensive outdoor garden power tool solutions, drawing significant interest from attendees.

Sumec's Yard Force brand at the 2024 National Hardware Show in the United States. [Photo/Sumec]

In Germany, Sumec exhibited its Firman brand at the 43rd International Hardware Fair (EISENWARENMESSE). The small diesel generator series are known for their compactness, energy efficiency, stability, durability and environmental friendliness. These high-performance and low-emission generators have been tailored to meet market demand for diesel power equipment.

Sumec's Firman brand at the 43rd International Hardware Fair in Germany. [Photo/Sumec]

At the AFF (Asia Fashion Fair) in Osaka of Japan, Sumec displayed a number of children's apparels, which included cotton coats, down coats, children's windbreakers, knitted coats and children's pants. The woven cotton and down jacket zipper coats garnered significant customers' interest, showcasing Sumec's sound development stragegies of "multinational manufacturing".

Sumec displayed children's apparels at the Asia Fashion Fair in Japan. [Photo/Sumec]

Sumec Phono Solar took its high-performance photovoltaic modules and cells to attend the 2024 International Green Energy Expo in the Republic of Korea, offering innovative photovoltaic solutions to photovoltaic application scenarios. Its exhibited products included the Draco series and the 720W Helios, earning positive recognition from participants.

Sumec Phono Solar at the 2024 International Green Energy Expo in the Republic of Korea. [Photo/Sumec]

Meanwhile, Sumec exhibited its self-developed Navigator brand at the 29th Andina Link Expo in Colombia, aiming to further expand its market presence in neighboring countries around Brazil. Popular products like Drop Circular optical cable, TX40 router, and optical modem successfully attracted attention of industry partners and customers, enhancing Navigator's brand recognition in the Spanish-speaking market.

Sumec's Navigator brand at the 29th Andina Link Expo in Colombia. [Photo/Sumec]

Through the attendance of these strategic exhibitions, Sumec has successfully demonstrated its dedication to innovation, sustainability and global market development.