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Sinomach gains a high placing among China's top 500 enterprises



Sinomach ranked 70th among the top 500 Chinese firms, up 13 places from last year, according to the latest Top 500 Chinese Enterprises released by the Chinese Enterprise Confederation on Sept 6.

The top 500 firms realized fast growth in operation revenue, totaling 102.48 trillion yuan ($14.73 trillion), an increase of 12.65 trillion yuan ($1.82 trillion) or 14.08 percent from a year earlier. Their total assets were registered at 372.53 trillion yuan ($53.54 trillion), 28.95 trillion yuan ($4.16 trillion) higher than those of the top 500 last year, up 8.43 percent. The threshold for inclusion in the top 500 has continued to rise for 20 straight years, with this year's rising to 44.63 billion yuan ($6.41 billion), up 13.74 percent from the previous year.

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