CMEC and EVONIK Signed the EPC Contract of Turkey’s AYAS 1600MW Supercritical Power Station Project

Pub Date:2009-11-26    Reads:1924
      On August 19, 2009, China National Machinery and Equipment Import & Export Corporation (CMEC) and Germany Evonik Steag Gmb Corporation signed the EPC contract of Turkey’s AYAS 1 600MW Supercritical Power Station Project in Beijing. Mr. Ren Hongbin, Chairman of SINOMACH, Mr. Xie Biao, Vice President of SINOMACH and officials from relevant governmental departments were present at the ceremony. Representatives from both parties, i.e., President Mr. Jia Zhiqiang and Project Director Ms. Zhou Li from CMEC, Chairman Mr. Jachim Rumstadt, and Acting Vice President Mr. Claus-peter Bell from Evonik signed on the contract.
      Under this EPC project, CMEC will serve as the general contractor to undertake all scope of works ranging from the overall planning, main structure design, civil construction, procurement, installation and debugging as well as provision of all auxiliary facilities and services needed.
      This is the third 600MW supercritical power station project exported by CMEC to Turkey. Prior to this, contracts for three units had been signed and put into force, among which the two units signed in 2007 were the first supercritical power units exported from China and are currently under construction.
      Known as the second largest coal fired power station operator, Evonik owns a total installroject, major renovations will be made on the existing 750kW station with the new installation of 25MW units. Mr. Wang You, Commercial Counselor from China’s Embassy to Zambia was present at the ceremony.