Established in January 1997, China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) is a key state-owned enterprise run directly by the central government and is among the top 500 enterprises in the world.

As an enterprise group directly under the central government, SINOMACH has the largest business scale, greatest coverage, the soundest business chain, and the strongest R&D capability in the machinery industry in China. With nearly 50 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, 11 listed subsidiaries, and over 180 overseas service organizations, SINOMACH has a total staff of over 110,000 people. SINOMACH maintains a healthy and stable growth momentum and its operating revenues in 2013 reached CNY 242 billion. For many years in succession, SINOMACH has been ranked top in China’s top 100 machinery industry enterprises and rated A during the central enterprise performance appraisal by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

SINOMACH centers on the equipment manufacturing industry and modern manufacturing service industry and specializes in three domains: machinery R&D and manufacturing, project contracting, and trade & service, covering the industry, agriculture, transportation, energy, construction, light industry, vehicle, marine, mining, metallurgical, aerospace, and other fields important for national economic development. It provides professional services for over 170 countries and regions throughout the world.

SINOMACH has strong capabilities of resource integration and application. With its strong strength in research & development, extensive marketing networks across the globe, as well as its great financial strength and project financing capability, SINOMACH has formulated a complete industry chain covering design, research & development, manufacturing, project contracting, system integration, international trade fields. All this constitutes SINOMACH’s unique value in the industry and helps SINOMACH gain a favorable position in market competition.

In the machinery R&D and manufacturing field, SINOMACH is the most important enterprise in China and serves as the national base for key equipment localization. It is ranked the first in China in terms of the capabilities for researching and developing complete sets of metallurgical equipment, forging equipment, large castings, agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, and geological equipment. A lot of technologies, equipment, and products of SINOMACH enable SINOMACH to penetrate markets in China previously monopolized by foreign enterprises and replace similar commodities imported to China. Besides, with its strong strength in R&D and system integration in domains including the machine tools, vehicle engineering, machine components industry, instrumentation, and environmental protection equipment, SINOMACH has exported large batches of competitive equipment and technologies.

In terms of international project contracting, SINOMACH, as a world-renowned international project contractor, has been ranked among the top 50 in the Top 250 International Contractors for many years in succession. With its extensive influence in the international project contracting industry, SINOMACH holds important positions in the engineering markets of many countries and regions. In 2013, SINOMACH was ranked 25th in the Top 250 International Contractors and the 75th in the top 225 International Project Design Enterprises.

In the trade and service field, SINOMACH is among China’s key enterprises that export mechanical and electrical products to foreign countries and introduce advanced technologies and products from outside China. It is also the largest import and export trade enterprise in the machinery industry in China, with its annual value of imports and exports (mainly composed of mechanical and electrical products) reaching nearly US$10 billion.

In the spirit of “Work Together, Win Together”, SINOMACH is dedicated to the building of the “He” culture (integration, responsibility, and people-orientation) as well as the development of a Valuable, Innovate, Green, Responsible, and Happy SINOMACH. With great importance attached to quality, SINOMACH aims to become an internationally competitive world-class multinational industrial group specializing in comprehensive machinery.