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Trade of Machinery and Electrical Products


Sinomach's trade covers a wide variety of fields, including machinery, electronics, shipbuilding, textiles and light industries. The company has made great strides in the machinery and electrical product trade in China.

Sinomach specializes in shipbuilding, ship conversions, fabrication of ocean engineering ships and large steel structures, as well as import and export of related auxiliary equipment and materials. With more than 200 ships of various types already built and delivered to overseas ship owners, Sinomach has evolved into one of the largest exporters in the industry.

Construction Machinery
Agricultural Machinery
Technological Equipment

Power driven and garden tools
Supported by technical innovation and core products, Sinomach has achieved sustainable development. The company has integrated trade, manufacturing and technology. Products are promoted primarily in Europe and North America and have become very competitive in the international market.

Power machinery
Export of garden tools
New energy
Textiles and light industry products and garments
Producer goods
International tendering and bidding
Technology import

  • Complete Equipment of Power Station Exported to Pakistan

  • Ships Exported

  • Production Line of Remote Control Intelligent Meters Exported to Italy

  • Floor Tile of Pottery and Porcelain Production Base for Export

  • Construction Machinery Export

  • Standby Vessel

  • Small Petrol Engines,Generators, and Related Power Machinery

  • Import of Textile Production Line

  • Supervision on Ship Building

  • Tractor Export

  • Power Driven Tools

  • The Largest Exporter in China's Abrasives Industry