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Automobile Business of SINOMACH



      Automobile sector is an important part of SINOMACH’s business operations. Fueled by the fast development of automobile industry both at home and abroad, automobile business of SINOMACH has enjoyed an annual growth of over 30%, with core business revenue reaching RMB 12.2 billion in 2008. Driven by its goal of “serving both auto makers and auto users”, SINOMACH has been dedicated in formulating one of the largest and best auto service providers and traders in China’s auto industry. 

Major affiliates of SINOMACH in the automobile sector include
1. China Automobile Trading Company Limited (CATC)
2. China National Automotive Industry Import and Export Corporation (CAIEC)
3. China national Automotive Industry International Corporation (CNAICO)
4. Beijing Zhongqi Jingtian Auto Trading Co., Ltd.
5. Beijing Guoji Longsheng Auto Co. Ltd.
      In addition, nine other affiliates of SINOMACH are also involved in different aspects of the automobile business. These include China YTO Machinery Company Limited, China Automobile Industry Engineering Corporation, China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Changsha Qidian Automotive Products Company Limited. 

Main Scope of Business
1. Wholesale and Retail Sales of Imported Automobiles
SINOMACH is a leading auto importer and distributor in China, covering such famous brands as Volkswagen, GM Opel, Buick, Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge, Ford, Fiat, etc.
2. Distribution of Passenger Cars in China
There are about twenty 4S shops for Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, etc.
3. Car Rental Services and Sales of Used Cars
4. R&D, Manufacture and Testing of Auto Components
SINOMACH undertakes the processing and manufacture of export-oriented products including auto electronics, auto sealing, lubricating products, Chassis systems, rubber and plastics products, auto lighting systems, braking systems, etc. With a wide variety of advanced testing instruments and equipment, SINOMACH has been providing independent and fair third-party testing services to customers and have won wide-ranging recognition and trust by all parties concerned.
5. Export of Automobiles and Auto Components
SINOMACH has been cooperating closely with famous foreign purchasers in international trade business and providing after-sales services to customers in China. It has been authorized as representatives by a number of famous auto component manufacturers both from home and abroad.
6. Auto Shows
SINOMACH also has the largest auto show company in China, which has abundant resources and rich experiences in this field. A great number of large-scale international and regional exhibitions and trade shows have been held, with wide influence in the industry. Both national and regional trade shows are organized, targeting both the domestic and overseas markets. Auto China, a class-A global auto show, has been successfully held by SINOMACH in several sessions. Featured auto shows combining both international and regional characteristics have also been held in more than ten cities in China like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. Great market strengths have been obtained for different types of auto shows including comprehensive auto shows, specialized auto parts and components exhibitions, international commercial vehicles exhibitions and automobile aftermarket exhibitions.
7. Automotive Engineering
Ranking as one of the largest companies both in terms of scale and the number of Class A qualifications among its affiliates in China’s machinery industry, SINOMACH provides world advanced engineering consultation, engineering designs, general contracting for production lines, engineering project management, project general contracting, etc. in the automobile industry. Thanks to its leading technical advantages, rich human resources and outstanding management skills, SINOMACH has successfully performed the plant design, the project management, the general contracting of the painting & assembling line and the general assembling lines for joint venture companies including Ford, GM, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, among others and has provided technical services for domestic companies like Foton, Nanjing Motors, Chang’an Motors, Jianghuai, China Motor Corporation, China Heavy Trucks and other automobile corporations.
8. Automobile Parks
Tianjin Airport International Automobile Park and Beijing Green Valley Automobile Park have been founded, with the former already recognized as one of the largest specialized automobile markets with comprehensive functions and best facilities in China.

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